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What Our Customers Are Saying

Reviews & Testimonials From Recent Clients

They were excellent. I was most satisfied with the overall service. I would like to recognize all of them. They were really good to work with!

Rick Hudson

Very professional and they did amazing work. I highly recommend them. I was satisfied with everything from the beginning to the end. They are great to work with. I probably told everyone about your company. I would like to recognize Jason for excellence.

Paul Colvin

I was most satisfied with the work and the way they cleaned up after themselves.

Richard Snapp

They were organized and professional, very much so. I have already recommended them. When I called them initially, there were right there and kept the original appointment with the insurance adjuster when he came. They helped him out tremendously. I could tell that they had worked together before. I felt they offered reasonable bids for the two roofs I had to have replaced. Occasionally, I find somebody who has some hail damage or whatever, and I always recommend Above and Beyond Roofing because of my experience with them. I would like to recognize the owner who met with me and the manager who came the day the adjuster came for excellence. They did a good clean-up.

Bill Washburn

They did not fall short of my expectations. They were above and beyond. I was most satisfied with the professionalism of the general manager and the work crew. They came in and did the job, got it done, and were out of here. I would like to recognize Jeff for his exceptional service.

Linda & Garrett Anglin

Jeff was great to work with. You have a great company and I really think you did a fantastic job on my home. This is a company that I will recommend to all of my friends and family.

Ray Scheier

Very professional company and employees. Worked great with our insurance company. Answered questions and explained them well.

Linda Goforth

Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with our new roof. It's beautiful, it was installed promptly and properly. You should know how great it is to work with Stacie, Jeff and the whole crew that were at our house. My wife is a FFBU (frequent Facebook user) and she was quick to sing your praises. Besides that we will certainly refer you to everybody. Thanks for your hard work.

Bill Decker

Thank you so much for the hard work you do! The quality of work, reliability, professionalism, the speed of your crews, and affordable rates makes you the best! Your company sets an example that others should take note of and learn from!

Rhonda LaFoy

Thanks Ben and your team on the awesome job on our roof! Looks awesome and very quick service!

Shawn Dworaczyk

Thanks Ben for sending Jason out to take care of my gutter problems. Fast, efficient service if thats what your looking for. You guys rock the roofing industry. THANKS again. 5 Stars for you.

Doogie Reoger

Thanks so much for your service and professionalism....called and you were there and had my roof patched in no time! Thank you so very much...

Sherri Handki

Above and beyond did a great job on our roof and I would happily use them again!

Jennifer Bardot

Ben showed up within 2 hours of our call. He went through the estimate with us and left samples. Our roof replacement was completed as promised. Great job!

Mary & Pat Smith

Ben and Melissa at Above & Beyond Roofing are as good as they come. Not only are they absolutely one of the most generous and giving companies to the Lake of the Ozarks community, they also offer exceptional customer service and perform quality work. After a hail storm last year, I asked Above & Beyond to come out and take a look at my roof. Expecting to have to wait a while since I was certain they were getting tons of calls of like mine, I was pleasantly surprised when Ben showed up personally the same day I called. He inspected my roof, and while there was no hail damage to speak of, he took care of a couple caulking issues and talked with me about a potential gutter issue that we should address within the next year. I trust this company 100%, not only for the honesty the exhibited on my own roof inspections, but also through countless testimonials about roofs they've installed from other business owners that I know!

Sandy Waggett

Professional References

The following local professionals have offered to provided references regarding the quality of our work, as well. Feel free to call any of the businesses below!

Professional Services

Kevin Taylor

Silverado Homes
Otto Construction

Shawn Otto

Johnson Contracting

Brian Johnson

Edwards Construction

Buddy Edwards


Skip Zei

Ancel Construction

Matt Ancel

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